Chaiwala Colombo Steals the Show at Brand Week Sri Lanka 2024

At this year’s Brand Week Sri Lanka, all eyes were on Roshan Ilyaz, the Director and Marketing Head of Chaiwala Colombo, as he took the stage by storm. In a moment that captured the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship, Roshan shared insights into how Chaiwala empowers young visionaries to transform their aspirations into thriving Sri Lankan brands with global impact.

With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering creativity, Chaiwala stands as a beacon of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs across the nation. Through strategic guidance and unwavering support, Chaiwala has cultivated a culture of success, propelling Sri Lankan brands to new heights on both local and international stages.

This momentous occasion wouldn’t have been possible without the gracious hosting of SLIM and Dialog, whose dedication to fostering industry excellence provided the perfect platform for Roshan and Chaiwala to shine. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these organizations for orchestrating an unforgettable event that celebrated innovation, collaboration, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, we extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors and partners whose invaluable contributions ensured the success of Brand Week Sri Lanka 2024. Their commitment to excellence and passion for supporting emerging talent made this event a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

As we reflect on this remarkable experience, we are reminded of the limitless potential that exists within our vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators. Together, we will continue to inspire, innovate, and elevate Sri Lankan brands to greater heights of success on the global stage.