Anytime is Chai time!

Chai is a predominantly Indian beverage popular across the world. More so in Asia. This is the robust strong cousin of the mild English tea. Chai which is made by brewing strong black tea powder in milk and water. This hot concoction is typically sweetened with sugar, either white or brown. While this is chai in its most basic form, it can be infused with aroma and taste by adding spices and herbs for flavor and aroma. The most common of which is called “masala chai”. Other variants include cardamom chai, ginger chai, saffron chai and or tulasi chai to name a few.

Any time is tea time for most Asians. While having piping hot tea on a hot summer day is unthinkable to many Europeans, it is the absolute norm for many in the largest continent of tea drinkers, Asia. Typically, Asians down 2-3 cups of tea or chai on any given day. It is the go-to beverage at any gathering, regardless festive or somber. A spicy samosa, flaky pakoras, crispy chicken or even a submarine bun or a burger can easily be washed down with a warm cup of chai or two in rain or shine.

This deep-rooted love for chai is fueled by its health benefits. As one of the most constantly consumed beverages in the world, tea is not just the most loved, it is the most preferred. It far outweighs coffee when it comes to health paybacks. Not only because of the lower caffeine quotient, Chai is a frontrunner for health because of the number of anti-oxidants it contains.

Many independent studies have proven that tea gives a great boost to your immune system, fights off inflammation and it even states that tea may help prevent cancer as well as heart disease. With plenty of studies and research suggesting that drinking tea or chai provides a lasting impact on one’s good health, what are you waiting for? Anytime is chai time! Don’t you agree?

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