Irresistible Tandoori Chai

You might have tried Tandoori chicken, Tandoori roti and many other Tandoori eatables. But Tandoori Chai? And what’s so special about tandoori chai? One may ask. It is special from the beginning to the end! Tandoori Chai is a wonderfully delicious twist on the good old regular Masala Chai. Once made, the Masala Chai is smoked by pouring it into a hot earthenware mug which was placed on a tandoori oven to heat up. For those who are new to the concept, a tandoori oven is a large urn shaped vessel made out of clay. Originating in the Indian sub-continent, this ingenious oven once heated up, holds the heat for hours at an end. This enables the cooking of anything from rotis, meats and as of sometime tea!

Tandoori Chai, also known as Kulhad chai is earthy, smoky, milky and spicy. If there was ever a combination such as this. Once the hot masala chai is poured on to the heated earthen pot or cup, the masala chai absorbs the flavor of the earthenware creating an irresistible addition to the already heavenly beverage.
It’s an excellent hot drink for a cold morning, evening or night for that matter. Holding a cup of Tandoori chai in the comfort of indoors while it’s cold outside is one of the most heavenly feelings one can imagine. It warms the cockles of your heart, nerve and sinews.

Tandoori chai typically includes a blend of spices infused with black tea powder. It usually consists of a combination of a few of the following spices: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. The more adventurous variations may include nutmeg, mace, fennel, rose, mint, lemongrass, tulsi, ajwain, saffron or star anise.

Whether you are a true connoisseur of tea or a rookie who feels adventurous, the irresistible Tandoori Chai is definitely a must try for any taste bud.

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